A Question of Duel Citizenship

July 1 is a special day, especially for Canadians residing in Hong Kong, be they returnees or expatriates.
It is a day for celebration – a day which marks the anniversary of the birth of Canada; it is also a special day for Hong Kong citizens – it is a day which marks the return of the sovereignty of Hong Kong to China.
The change of sovereignty means we are now part of China and our ultimate master is the PRC. Having said that, I must emphasize that you must not take me wrong. After all, the PRC government has been true to its word and it has indeed been trying very hard to maintain the promise of “One Country Two Systems” – a concept that is easier said than to maintain.
Any change in sovereignty necessarily brings forth a change in the pre-existing system and as its citizens, we too, have to adopt ourselves to the change.
As duel citizens, we have the advantages of having spent time in Canada and indeed, it is a place which brings back fond memories to many of us. More importantly, many of us still have strong ties with Canada and that is why July 1 is a special day for all of us.
That was the reason why we organized the Regatta to celebrate July 1, the birthday of Canada and the return of sovereignty of H.K. to China.

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