Time for Change

This is the 16th year since CCA’s inception in 1987. Many things have happened since then and notwithstanding the somewhat skepticism expressed by the Canadian community at the beginning, CCA has survived, thanks to the efforts and roles played by many of its past chairmen and executives.
Time changes and we all grow with time. In the past 15 years, we witnessed how Hong Kong reached the zenith of its financial status and how its citizens have suffered from the economic downturn since 1997.
Everything in Hong Kong has become so political and unfortunately, not many critics follow on the side of constructive criticism. Alas, it is always so easy to criticize what others do but what we lack is sufficient knowledgeable people to come up and give concrete proposals as to how we should tackle the many problems facing Hong Kong today. Indeed, there might not be any immediate solution but at least, there should be a forum to collect the wisdom of our many talented citizens for the betterment of Hong Kong.
Since the return of Hong Kong to China and the latter’s gradual opening up to outsiders, it seems to me about time for CCA to look inside and adapt to the changing environment.
Chinese encompass one quarter of the world’s population. As Hong Kong citizens, it seems logical we should look north and see to what extent we can utilize our logistic and language convenience, connection with Canada and the West for the betterment of all concerned.
In this part of the world, Chinese Canadians are certainly the biggest group of ethnic Canadian. As a start, it is natural that we should look at our Memorandum and Articles of Association to see whether it is necessary to amend it to cater to the future development of CCA.
With the opening of China and its joining of WTO, many Hong Kong citizens have looked North for business opportunities. As a matter of fact, this has already been the case for years. That means that perhaps CCA should embrace to cover not just Hong Kong but all parts of China, including Taiwan.
I have already initiated the process and a preliminary discussion has already been held at the 2nd meeting of this year’s Executive Committee on July 17. As a matter of fact, the first draft Memorandum of Association has already been prepared for discussion.
If you are interested to express your idea on the matter, please drop me a line at slee11@netvigator.com

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