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CCA was incorporated on November 3, 1987. Since then, Felix Fong, Kwan Li and Kenny Tam had made amendments to its Memorandum and Articles of Association during their respective years of chairmanship.
These amendments were mainly relating to how different categories of membership were defined, and who was entitled to vote at general or extraordinary meetings of CCA.
After almost 16 years, it seems appropriate to take a close look at the M/A of CCA to see if it is necessary for amendment to reflect the change of time.
Thanks to Janet, the President of Canadian Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong (“the Chamber”), I was provided with a copy of its M/A for reference and it was interesting to share my observations of certain facts with you.
The Chamber was an unincorporated association registered on June 2, 1983 under the Societies Ordinance.
On January 24, 1989, the Chamber was formally incorporated as a company limited by guarantee to take over the whole of the assets belonging to its former unincorporated association.
CCA was incorporated in November 1987. This means that in term of the respective dates of incorporation in Hong Kong as a body corporate, CCA actually has a date earlier than the Chamber!
When CCA was incorporated, there was suggestion that it could become oblivion within two years. Thanks to the unrelenting efforts of the past chairmen and the executive committees of CCA, CCA is still alive and kicking after 16 years!
Spencer Lee

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