Wine tasting – September 9, 2004

We had our second wine-tasting dinner and tried Burgundy wine. Our wine-tasting master, Dr. Anthony Cheng, part-time wine master and full time ENT Specialist introduced us to the wonderful world of wine and dine. The following was what we learned that night.

About Burgundy

This is the most famous wine-growing area in the world.

Its wine can be described as fragile, sensitive, sexy and exotic (sounds like a description for woman).

The grape is called Pinot Noir which is very delicate and sensitive to the elements, i.e. soil, mineral content, moisture, temperature and wind, etc.

It, therefore, takes good vineyard management and wine-making skills to make a decent Burgundy.

Bordeaux has stately chateau (castles or manor houses) and wide expanse of vineyards. Burgundy mainly consists of a lot of huge gardens with farm houses. These glorified gardens are “vineyards” and the remnants of some much divided estates.

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