Fun and Healthy Family Day – Jan 1, 2005

Jan 1st 2005 has been very meaningful to us. Amid all the havoc in our neighboring countries, we were blessed to start our new year with a healthy fun filled event shared by good friends and families.
The event was a friendly badminton match held in the Stanley Ho Gymnasium at the Canadian International School between CCA members and members of a private club called the LRCBC of which Dr. Alfred Tam is the Chairman. Mr. Paul Tsang and Mr. Jimmy Mak represented CCA and won the LRCBC Chairman’s Cup for the “Kei Yings”(combined doubles ages > 110), while Ms. Funde Li and Ms. Circle Wong, also from CCA, won the LRCBC Chairman’s Cup for the Ladies Double.

Although the CCA Chairman’s Cup for the Men’s Double and Mixed Double were won by members of the LRCBC teams, we want to give a big applause to Mr. Chin Chan, Mr. Terry Lee, Mr. TM Cheung and Ms. Jane Li for representing us and for their good sportsmanship. All winners went home with a bottle of Champagne, compliments of Dr. Alfred Tam, and their Cup of which they can “brag” about for one whole year.

The highlight of the day was a buffet dinner at the CdnIS Cafeteria attended by both members of LRCBC and CCA and their families. There were plenty of food and laughter and both children and adults had a ball. Besides the promotion of family bonding, friendship and good sportsmanship, the event also managed to make a small profit which will be added towards the fund to be donated for the naming of a chair at the CdnIS Performing Arts Center. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. David McMaster, Head of Canadian International School for his support and allowing us the use of the venue; and to Mr. William Lam for making sure the venue was ready for our use. Appreciation is also due to Dr. Alfred Tam for agreeing to hold this event jointly with CCA; for his generosity in donating the LRCBC Chairman’s Cups and the bottles of champagne; Mrs. Cindy Wong for her help in organizing the buffet dinner. Of course thanks to our Chairman, Mr. Spencer Lee for his unrelenting support and encouragement. Last but not least, to each and every one of you who participated in the event. We hope you have all enjoyed the day and we wish every one a healthy and happy new year.

Gloria Choy
(Sports and Recreation)

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