Visit to Yangtze River Delta 24-29/3

Visit to Nanjing, Huangshan and Hangzhou from Mar 24 to 29, 2005.

The CCA group arrived Nanjing on March 24 and was received by the Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Dr. Zhang Wei Guo, Mr. Zhou Heping, Executive Vice President, Mr. Lu Huanqing, Executive Secretary-general, all of Jiangsu Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, Mr. Oian Xingrong, Deputy Director-General, Foreign Affairs Office, Jiangsu Province, Mr. Gao Mingpu, Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Division of Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Affairs Office and Mr. Lin Xiang Guo, Director of the United Front Work Department. There was an exchange of greetings, ideas and souvenirs between Dr. Cheng and our Chairman, Spencer Lee.

We were treated with a sumptuous lunch after the official meeting.

The weather in Huangshan was not good but we saw a remarkable village and stone caves beneath it.

In Hangzhou, we were treated for dinner by Richard Wong’s good friend, Zhang Wen Fang and wife, Susan, from Shanghai.

Both Bill Ling and Paul Chong took many wonderful photos during the trip which you can peruse from our website at or at our annual dinner on April 23, 2005 or at the Happy Dinner on April 30, 2005.

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