60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Hong Kong Victory Day Ceremony at the Cenotaph – Sunday Aug 14

Sunday Aug 14, 2005 – 60th Anniversary

Upon the invitation of the Hong Kong Prisoners of War Association, I and my wife, Alice, attended the 60th Anniversary of the Liberation of Hong Kong – Victoria Day Ceremony, at the Cenotaph.

For the older generation in Hong Kong, August 15, 1945 was a very memorable day as it stands for the end of their sufferings after an occupation by an alien army of Japanese for 3 years and 8 months.

The Hong Kong residents had suffered tremendous hardship during the period. The end of the sufferings, and, the memorial service of it, are very important for those who went through the hardships of war.

Canadians played a very significant role in defence of Hong Kong. During the short period in or about the Christmas of 1941, over 500 Canadian young soldiers lost their precious lives – in the far-away and strange land of ours.

The Hong Kong residents are thankful to their services to Hong Kong and that was the reason the ceremony was attended by the Honorable Mr. Raymond Chan, Canadian Minister of State (Multi-cultures), who flew in all the way from Ottawa for the occasion. Incidentally, Mr. Chan’s riding is in Richmond, Vancouver, B.C., of which I am sure many of you are familiar.

The moving ceremony was also attended by the Chief Secretary for Administration, the Chairman of Hong Kong Prisoners of War Association, the President of the Legislative Council’s representative, Secretary for Security, Commissioner of Police’s Representatives, Acting Chief Judge of the High Court and many Consuls General.

At the buffet lunch at the Hong Kong Club immediately after the ceremony, I ran into an old friend and former Canadian Consulate General, Colin Russel. He was the person who officiated the opening ceremony of CDNIS’ campus in 1999.

Colin is now residing in London but flies frequently to Hong Kong and China for his consultancy works. Our best regards to Colin. The event was also attended by our Vice Chairman for External Affairs, Michael Ma and his wife, Anna.

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