CCA Soccer Group

Report – Soccer Match on September 5, 2009
CCA Soccer Group had another soccer match on September 5, 2009. We lost 1-2 to “Lung Tan” at the end of the 90 minutes game. The average age of our opponent is nearly 20 years younger than ours. Also they’re the 3rd runner-up of the open tournament – Industrial and Commercial Soccer Cup 2009 recently held in the summer. Though we were defeated, we did fare pretty well with such a formidable opponent.
Existing Team Members:
Alan Ho, Albert Ko, Albert Yeung, David Luk, Dennis Chan, Dreyfus Koo, Dr. Wilson Lee, Eric Kan, Felix Fong, Herman Tso, Jeffrey Lee, Jimmy Mak, Jonathan Lee, Ken Hui, K.K. Tsang, Raymond Fan, Rudy Io, Ryan Io, Tony Lit, Vitus Leung, William Koo, William Tsue.
Anyone who is interested in joining the team to play, please call Jimmy Mak at 9487-2218 or Vitus Leung at 9094-2082.

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