1.2 Formation of CDNIS

Chinese Canadian Association (“CCA”) was a young association established in 1987 by a group of returnees from Canada. Their active members shared the concern of the government and the plight of the middle to lower class returnees from Canada.

At the end of 1990, Art McInnis, one of the attendants of the IBC meetings, attended a special executive committee meeting of CCA to explain the intended project. CCA immediately responded and formed a sub-committee to found a non-profit-making organization in the name of Canadian International School Foundation Limited (“the Foundation”) for the project.

The decision to establish CDNIS was made in or about December 1990 and the target date was to open the school in September 1991. Richard Wong was elected to chair the group.

During Richard’s chairmanship, it was a hectic year of building CDNIS from scratch. It included the search and appointment of Ian Robertson as the first Principal of CDNIS, recruitment of staff, the establishment of the school logo and uniform, the curriculum, the Nomination Rights and capital levy, promotion of the school, and the entering into the tenancy at 7 Eastern Hospital Road, the renovation of the school premises with limited budget, etc.

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