2.2 Members of the Foundation

Under the constitution of CDNIS, Members of the Foundation have the power to amend the Memorandum and Articles of Association of CDNIS (“the M/A”) and the appointment and removal of members of the Board of Governors.

. For individuals to be qualified for admission as a Member of the Foundation, he or she must have made significant and long term contribution to the Foundation and is a Canadian citizen who is ordinarily a resident of Hong Kong. 

The Founding Members were the subscribers of the M/A of the Foundation and also the first governors of the Foundation. 

This group consisted of Roger Chow, Robert Desjardins; Art McInnis; Ching-Wo Ng, Francis Lee, Spencer Lee, Vincent Lee, Albert Wang, Mary-Jean Wong, Felix Fong, Kwan Li and Richard Wong. Robert was a member of the Commission for Canada in Hong Kong. Vincent, at the time, was the Chairman of Canadian Club and a member of CCA and Francis Lee was invited to endorse as a subscriber in his capacity as the President of the Chamber, although no active role was played by him. He subsequently tendered his resignation on November 22, 1991. 

Individual Members of the Foundation in 2002 are Roger Chow, Felix Fong, Art McInnis, Ching-Wo Ng, Spencer Lee, Vincent Lee, Kwan Li, Albert Wang, Mary-Jean Wong, Richard Wong (the Founding Members) and John Crawford, Maria Mui, Li Ho-Kin and Kenny Tam. The latter four became Members in recognition of their significant contributions, as revealed in the subsequent pages, to CDNIS. 

CCA, the Chamber and Canadian Club were made ex-officio Members of the Foundation by an amendment to the M/A in 1994. 

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