2.3 The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors and the school administrators are responsible for the daily operations of CDNIS. It has a Chairman and can elect up to 3 Deputy Chairmen. The Board can consist of no more than twenty Elected Governors.

The Board has 6 Ex-Officio Governors. They are: 

(1) The most senior ranking Canadian diplomat stationed in Hong Kong or his designate; 

(2) The Chairman of CCA or his designate; 

(3) The President of the Chamber or his designate; 

(4) The President of Canadian Club or his designate; 

(5) A Member of the Foundation or his alternate elected by Members at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of the Foundation; and 

(6) The immediate Past Chairman of the Board. 

The first Chairman (1991 to 1992) was Richard Wong who was involved intimately with the establishment of CDNIS. 

Ching-Wo Ng was the second Chairman (1992 to 1993). During the tenure of Ching-Wo, he steered CDNIS through troubled waters: the teachers’ insurrection, the replacement of the first Principal, the discontents of the parents, the agony of the curricula formation and the fights about testing. 

Ching was succeeded by Chisholm Lyons (1993 to 1995), Eric Kong (1995 to 1997), John Crawford and John Henderson (as co-Chairmen) (1997 to 1998), Olivia Lee and Li Ho-Kin (as co-Chairmen) (1998 to 1999), John Crawford and Olivia Lee (as co-Chairmen) (1999 to 2000),Alex Ing (2000 to 2002) and David Kong (2002-). 

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