2.4 Major Amendments to the Constitution

(1) Under the leadership of Chisholm Lyons, there was one major amendment to the M/A. The concept of ex-officio membership to the Foundation and the Board was introduced. CCA, the Chamber and the Canadian Club have since become Ex-Officio Members and Governors of the Foundation.

The idea was to involve the Canadian community in Hong Kong to participate in the affairs and management CDNIS. 

The Committee responsible for this first major amendment to the M/A consisted mainly of Ching-Wo Ng, Richard Walker and Spencer Lee. Thhe related amendments were passed by Special Resolution on December 14, 1994. 

(2) Another amendment of significance to the M/A was conducted in 2001. The Committee consisted of Spencer Lee, Vincent Lee, Art McInnis and Ching-Wo Ng. 

At the time, the Members considered the need to ensure better communication between the Members and the Board. As a result, a new category of Ex-Officio Governor was added so that the Members elect two representatives each year as Ex-Officio Governor and his alternate to sit on the Board. 

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