2.6 Committees

Each committee has its own spheres of interest and undertakes the ground works for the Board to make the final decision. These are important cradles for preparing suitable candidates for later appointment to the Board. They are:

(1) Fund-raising & Public Relation 

This committee deals with all fund-raising and public relation matters, including but not limited to, matters relating to the sale and transfer of the Debentures. It has a sub-committee responsible for scholarship. 

(2) Finance & Administration 

This committee is responsible for all matters relating to finance and administration and also oversees its Human Resources Subcommittee. 

(3) Curriculum 

This committee overseas the improvement of the curricula of CDNIS and has 2 subcommittees responsible for the Chinese Studies and IT. 

(4) Parent/Staff Liaison 

This is another important committee to ensure better communications with parents and staff. 

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