2.7 The School Administrators

In 1991, Ian Robertson was recruited as the first Principal. In 1993, there was the need to replace Ian and Chisholm and Kwan Li were actively involved in the committee to search for Ian’s replacement. A headhunter in Toronto was retained and communications in the selection process were made by conference calls several times a week for many weeks to finalize the salary, benefits qualifications, the wording and nature of the advertisements with respect to the recruitment.

With the headhunter, they sifted through numerous resumes and came up with a short list and met the finalists in Toronto at no cost to the school. Two finalists were recommenced and flown to Hong Kong to meet the Board, CISPA and the teaching staff. Neil Johnston was selected and commenced work in July 1993. He proved to be an excellent choice. He presided over the major expansion period of CDNIS and completion of Phase I of the campus. He stayed with CDNIS for 7 years until he stepped down in 2000 and replaced by Allan McLeod. 

In 1994, Alan Dick was recruited as Vice-Principal responsible for the children from Reception to Grade Three. 

As CDNIS continued to expand, it was necessary to recruit another Vice-Principal and Allan McLeod joined CDNIS in 1996 to hold that position. 

Sharon Carew was recruited in 2000 as Vice-Principal to head the Secondary Division. With the completion of Phase II in the summer of 2002 and the increase of approximately 30% of the student body in 2002, David McMaster joined as the Middle School Principal and that completed the restructuring of the school administrators. 

CDNIS now has Allan McLeod as Head of School, Sharon Carew as High School Principal, David McMaster as Middle School Principal and Alan Dick as Primary/Junior School Principal. 

In 1999, Monica Vallor joined as the first Business Administrator of CDNIS and amongst her duties, she had to supervise and co-ordinate the Phase II construction working with the contractors, the architect and the full consulting team. 

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