3.5 Publicity

Inter-cultural Exchange Program

For three summers from 1994 to 1996, CDNIS and CCA jointly sponsored and planned an inter-cultural exchange program under which students from Hong Kong were sent to Canada (in 1994) and students from provinces across Canada were brought to Hong Kong (in 1995 and 1996) for a unique exchange experience. 

School boards from across Canada were informed of the program and students were invited to compete as candidates to visit Hong Kong. It was a unique way to help CDNIS’ exposure to school boards across Canada. The funding of this program was provided entirely by the donation of a CCA sponsor. 

In 1996, twelve students from Canada, representing seven provinces including British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland, visited Hong Kong and Beijing and came to learn about Hong Kong and China. 

They spent part of their time as teaching assistants of the summer programs of CDNIS and local families played hosts for one or two students for one or two weeks. 

The Program served to expose CDNIS and enhance its standing in Canada and build the bridges between those students and their counterparts in Hong Kong and China through joint functions, seminars, sports competitions and barbecues. An important element of the program was the part played by the host families as the teenagers were able to learn about the Chinese (or Hong Kong) culture in the most intimate way. 

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