3.6 Canadian Community Center

In 1993, CDNIS was searching for a site to build its campus. By July 1993, Lands Department offered a piece of virgin land on Nam Long Shan Road to CDNIS to build its campus.

The adjoining piece of land downhill from the site was also virgin. Thoughts started to germinate to acquire the adjoining land so as to improve traffic access for students to and from the lower road and secure the fantastic view of the future campus permanently. 

The concept of a Canadian Community Center was born. The idea was to build the center on the adjoining site for sports and cultural activities bearing a strong tie to Canadian culture. 

It could also provide facilities for use by CDNIS as well and the Center could be a gathering place for the Canadian community in Hong Kong, raise the social and national profile of all Canadians in Hong Kong and generate income for CDNIS. 

The project was actively pursued by a working group composed of governors from CDNIS, representatives for CCA, the Chamber, Canadian Club, the Commission for Canada and Canadian Universities Alumni Association but was subsequently aborted. 

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