4.4 Return of the Bridging Premises

In February 1998, the government demanded the return of the two bridging premises to be vacated no later than October 1998 for other school tenants.

By organizing an “all parties” meeting at the offices of the Secretary of Education and Manpower, CDNIS was able to persuade the government to extend the deadline to until December 31, 1998, the time CDNIS expected to move to the new campus. 

On the other hand, the Church also made demand as penalty on CDNIS for terminating the rental agreement at the Causeway Bay Campus before the end of the school year. The matter was finally resolved by the introduction of a replacement tenant to take up, and renovate, the building. 

On December 31, 1998, the big move to the new campus was carried out and all three interim campuses were handed back and all supplies, furniture and equipment were moved to the new campus. 

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