5.1 Introduction

In the early part of 1993, the Premises Committee, headed by John Crawford, started to search for a suitable site to build a campus for CDNIS.

Numerous meetings and communications were made both with South District Land office and Education Department with discouraging results. 

At one of such contacts with South District Land Office, the Site was identified where the Permitted Use could be changed to accommodate CDNIS. The Site was originally allocated to a “religious retreat group” who subsequently aborted its plan. 

The Site was a piece of virgin land on the west facing slope of the Nam Long Shan headland in Wong Chuk Hang, on the opposite side of Ocean Park, with access from the narrow Nam Long Shan Road from the top of the sloping site. It commands fantastic views over the Aberdeen Marina and onto East Lamma Channel. It was offered to CDNIS by Lands Department in 1993. 

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