5.2 The Grant

There were original conditions attached to the proposed grant for the Site, which imposed problems for CDNIS.

An important condition was the requirement to widen the part of Nam Long Shan Road bordering the Site although the ingress/egress point was only at the northern tip. 

After extensive negotiations, especially with Highways Department and taking up the matter to the highest government levels, the condition was finally modified and CDNIS was only responsible for the retaining wall along the border of the Site which supports the widened road. Highways Department finally agreed to cover the cost for the balance of the road widening work. With hindsight, it turned out that the original estimated cost was significantly less than the actual amount spent by Highways Department. CDNIS was fortunate that the Premises Committee had the foresight of negotiating with the government to change this condition or it could threaten the viability of the project. 

Another hurdle was the requirement for CDNIS to provide evidence of its future growth expectations to justify the grant of the Site and the recipient of an interest-free government loan. John Crawford together with Neil Johnston prepared the necessary document to satisfy the requirement, using the production and printing facilities of John’s firm, Messrs. Ernst & Young. The Site and the government loan were both granted to CDNIS subsequently. 

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