5.3 The Architect(s) and its Team

In the summer of 1993, it was considered necessary and appropriate to seek help from professional architects with the necessary skills, experience and commitment for the project.

P&T Architects and Engineers Limited (“P&T”) was invited due to its initial involvement on a “no-charge” basis but more importantly, its principal partner, Nick Burns, had the necessary experience from his involvement with the design and construction of Chinese International School and Singapore International School. 

After a few rounds of meetings with the candidates, the Premises Committee decided to employ P&T, with the design input from Norman Grey-Noble of Carruthers Shaw & Partners in Toronto, who is an exceptionally experienced school design architect. 

At one time, the Premises Committee was also considering the appointment of a 
professional project manager but the idea was abandoned due to financial constraint and the Premises Committee took up the role as far as it could. 

CDNIS was in a better financial position when Phase II was constructed and Monica Vallor was employed as business administrator and her duties included co-ordinating the construction project. Tim Nutt, a professor in the Department of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was also employed to advise on technical issues. With this additional manpower, the progress, quality of construction of phase II plus the correction of some of the persistent defects of Phase I had improved tremendously. 

A member of the Premises Committee (and later Chairman of the Committee), Li Ho-Kin, who was subsequently made a Member of the Foundation, an architect by training, contributed significantly to the technical side and the provision of know-how for dealing with the various governmental departments in the approval of the design and with consultants and contractor in the construction process. 

Another member was the then Principal, Neil Johnston, who supplied the necessary project brief for the campus from a school administrator’s point of view. 

John Crawford was the key driving force behind all the successful dealings with government officials and other parties relating to the project. 

The entire project was under the overall supervision of Nick Burns of P&T with Chris Pemberton, a young Canadian architect on the staff of P&T, who had completed his studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, as the project architect, and subsequently, the resident architect. 

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