5.6 Phase II Construction – Addition of 4 Floors – the “School-in-the-sky”

Back in 1994/95 when the small team of John Crawford, Li Ho-Kin and Neil Johnston were working on the initial design concepts for the campus, a key decision was taken to reinforce the foundation piling at the upper level of the site to enable construction of a building up to 6 floors.

. The ‘School-in-the-Sky’ project was made possible because of the considerable long-term vision made by these individuals. It also took courage to commit an extra HK-4 million into piling work at a time when future funding was so uncertain for the rest of the project. 

When the time came to decide whether CDNIS should proceed with Phase II, there was some uncertainty as to whether there would be sufficient demand for the additional four floors. To allow for this, the Premises Committee arranged for the Phase II tender to include an ‘option’ to also construct the additional 4 floors, i.e. a decision which could be made at a later date when Phase II construction was in process. 

In early 2000, building plans for Phase II were prepared and submitted to the Building Department. 

By April 2000, tenders were invited and Wing Hong Construction Company (“Wing Hong”) was awarded the contract for Phase II in July 2000. 

By the summer of 2001, with encouraging demand figures, the Board decided that the additional four floors should be constructed while Phase II was underway. This would save a huge amount of inter-phasing problems, if they were to be built at a later date. The completion of Phase II was then deferred to August 2002, to accommodate for the construction of the additional four floors. Occupation Permit for the entire project was obtained on August 1, 2002, and the staff and students were able to enjoy all the facilities when they returned in the fall. 

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