6.1 Introduction

This was particularly challenging to CDNIS as the Canadian government has no constitutional jurisdiction over education here in Hong Kong and no financial support is available.

It was, therefore, a rather arduous task for CDNIS to look for funds to cover the building cost of the new campus on Nam Long Shan Road, which was originally estimated at approximately HK0 million, including furniture and fixture. 

The size of the project had forced CDNIS to canvass and hold many in-depth discussions with other schools to explore the possibility of building one facility to house two schools but these discussions came to no avail. 

The underprivileged position of CDNIS as compared to many other international schools in Hong Kong, in terms of funding sources, had made it mandatory that it should secure its major funding from one major benefactor of Hong Kong – The Hong Kong Jockey Club (“the Jockey Club”) and improvised other means to satisfy its capital funding requirements. 

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