Jan 18, 2017: Dinner with the new Consul General from Canada, Mr. Jeff Nankivell.

2016 brought many changes, Hong Kong has a new Consul General from Canada and CCA has a new Board of Executive Committee Members. On Jan 18 2017, the Board hosted a dinner at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Trophy Room in honor of Consul General Mr. Jeff Nankivell and Mrs. Alison Nankivell. It was a delightful evening where we all got to know a little bit more about each other. We found out that Mr. Nankivell is a more fluent speaker of Putonghua than most of us and we promised that his Cantonese would soon match up if he joins us play badminton regulary. The Chairperson, Gloria Choy presented Mr. Nankivell an old book about old Hong Kong written and published in 1931; and for Mrs. Nankivell, a book of photos of Hong Kong in the 1950’s. They say pictures are worth more than a thousand words, after looking through this, Mrs. Nankivell will have a lot of information on Hong Kong.

Dec 5, 2016: the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong

2016 marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong. To remember Canadian soldiers who defended Hong Kong and to honor the veterans, CCA held a joint event with the Chinese Military Museum Society of Vancouver at the Crown Wine Cellars in Shouson Hill, Hong Kong. We were honored to have the support and the presence of Consul General of Canada Mr. Jeff Nankivell. The event had an overwhelming attendance by the Hong Kong community as well as other foreign dignitaries such as representatives from the US Consulate General. Please surf our website to have a look at the pictures.

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Session

On July 14, 2005, we had another wine-tasting session. The following article is presented by Dr. Anthony Cheng for us to taste South African wines and his comments on the wine on that occasion :

“The Wines of South Africa

To classify South Africa as a New World wine growing region is a misnomer since vines were grown way back in 1655. A commander in the Dutch East India Co. known as Jan van Riebeeck planned the first vine. Wine-making flourished in Stellenbosch and Constantia and the products were sold successfully in Europe especially in Holland and the U.K.

It then suffered a severe setback when U.K. abolished the protective tariffs on French wines in 1860s thereby making them much cheaper than the South Africans. The spread of Phylloxera (a fungus disease of vine) didn’t help and the problem of over-production eventually rendered many South African wines undesirable. In 1957 a giant ruling co-op, the KWV (Ko-operatiewe Wijnbuwers Vereniging), controlled the production, stabilized the sale and set up a quota system which limited the number of new vines planted. Things got rosy for a while before the introduction of international trade sanctions in the 1980s as a protest against the apartheid regime. The situation became very miserable. The wine industry then started to roll again after the end of the apartheid and improved dramatically in the 1990s when the KWV relinquished its regulatory role. South Africa is now the world’s no. 8th wine growing country. More independent quality driven producers and investors are now setting up here to make wines which can compete at the highest level with those made by the “old” world.

About 70% of South African wines are white and the most favorite varietal is Chenin Blanc, followed by Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Red wines are made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinotage (South African’s own indigenous grape) and Merlot.

The style of South African wines is said to be somewhere in between the new world and the old. It has the fruit intensity of the former and the structure and restraint of the latter.

Dr. Anthony Cheng

Spring Dinner 2005

A big party on April 23, 2005 – CCA Spring Dinner

CCA’s Spring Dinner was held at The Ballroom at Penthouse, Hotel Miramar, No.118-130 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon on April 23, 2005. It was attended by 230 guests, members and friends, thanks to the hard work of the Organizing Committee. We had a night of fun, games and dance and the good opportunity of mixing with each other.

The following is an excerpt of the speech made by Spencer Lee at the dinner :

“Mr. Campbell, Members, Guests and friends,

This is the 18th Annual Dinner of CCA. 18 is a magic age. A person has come of age at 18 and has the right to vote.

CCA has come of age with its participation in the promotion of Canadian education for the benefit of the community as a whole in the role it played in the establishment of The Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

Tonight, we are lucky to have Mr. Raymond Chan and Mrs. Shirley Chan of IDT with us. They are the ones who donated the first seed money to start CDNIS.

This is also perhaps an opportune time to invite your support for fund-raising events, to be organized by CCA in conjunction with the School and other Canadian organizations in Hong Kong, where possible, to establish scholarships for local and/or overseas students, especially students from China, to attend CDNIS.

I understand that a former Chairman of CCA, Dennis Chan, has made a pledge to kick-off the initiative, and hopefully, there will be more to come.

Have fun and enjoy the rest of the evening

Thank you.”


(1) Guests and friends

We wish to thank the following special guests for joining the event :

(i) From the Consulate General of Canada

Mr. & Mrs. Gerry Campbell – Consul General and Patron of CCA; and
Mr. & Mrs. David McNamara – Senior Consul

(ii) From Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong SAR

Mr. Lu Haitian (Henry Lo); and
Mr. Feng Qing Hu.

(iii) Other guests

Mr. & Mrs. Alaudeen Alaskary – Consul General of Saudi Arabia in Hong Kong

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wong – Honorary Consul of Tunisia in Hong Kong

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Pouliot – President of Canadian Chamber of Hong Kong

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Verge – Chairman of Canadian International School of Hong Kong

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Chan – Chairman of IDT

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wang – Founding Member of CDNIS

Mr. William Tin – Vice President of CGA

Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Kan – Chairman of Climax International Co. Ltd.

Mr. & Mrs. Ng Leung Sing – Former Member of the Legislative Council of HKSAR.

Mr. & Mrs. Chan Shiu Bill – Member of Chi Tung Association

Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Tam – Past Chairman of CCA

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Chan – Past Chairman of CCA

Mr. T.T. Yuen – Past Chairman of CCA

Mr. & Mrs. Ng Ching Wo – Founding Member and former Chairman of CDNIS

(iv) Those forming table(s)

CDNIS, Mr. Peter Yu, Mr. Wilson Wong, Mr. Bernard Pouliot, Ms. Anna Shum, Mrs. Gloria Choy, Ms. Janet So, Mr. Chin Chan, Mr. Iggy Chong, Mr. K.K. Wong/Benthony Ip/Simon Ng, Mr. Bill Ling, Ms. Shelley Ki, Mr. Marcus Law, Ms. Sandy Law/ Mr. Barry Chin, Ms. Jamie Sih, Mr. Gregory Choy/Fred Wu and Mr. Roxy Ho.

(2) Organizing Committee

We wish to thank members of the Organizing Committee of the Spring Dinner; in particular, its Chairman, Bill Ling, our MCs Gloria Choy, Anna Shum, the floor managers, Tommy Lam, Roxy Ho and Jimmy Mak, the 5 girls from Gloria Lee’s group of companies and 2 members from Dennis Chan’s company, our Committee Members, Jamila Chan, Winnie Wong, Shelley Ki, Dr. Henry Choy, Brian Lau and many others who helped to make the event a success.

(3) Donations

We also wish to thank the following members and friends who arranged/donated prizes for the event :

Donors Name Donation Prizes

Mr. Spencer Lee One “32” LCD TV
Dragonair Two economy class round trip tickets from H.K. to Shanghai
Air Canada One return Economy Class ticket from H.K. to Canada
Sogo Hong Kong Co. Ltd. & Lifestyle Int’l Holdings Ltd./ Mr. Edmond Chan ,000 Gift Certificates 1 can Airwaves per person
Oregon Scientific Global Distribution Ltd./ Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Chan 3 Philippe Starck’s weather station with Time Projection Function
Speaker CollectionLtd./ Mr. Chin-Ho Chan DVD Player with CardReader
Bangkok Golf Travel Ltd./ Mr. Gregory Choy One Package at Bangkok for two rooms
Dr. Annie Wong ,000 Gift voucher
Jebsen Travel Management Ltd./Ms. Winnie Wong 2 bottles of red wine
Climax International Co. Ltd./ Mr. Frederick Kan 24 Book Bound self Adhesive Album
FCM Travel Solution HK Ltd. /Ms. Shelley Ki One round trip limo to & from airport
C. Art Ltd./ Mr. Lionel Chan 20 Bug Eliminators; 1 Popcorn Maker; and2 Power Juicers
Sun Hung Kai Financial Group/ Mr. Joseph Tong 2 Ipods
Asiapac Development Ltd./ Mr. Dennis Chan Purchase coupons for purchase of LCD TV (per person)
Dai Pai Dong/Mr. Simon Wong 200 bottles of Linden Honey roasted rice tea drink (per person)
Mrs. Maria Mui 1 bottle of red wine
Medifast (H.K.) Ltd. &Medibeauty/ Mr. & Mrs. Hongson Lee 250 coupons for facial, spa & medical check-up
Meyer Aluminium Ltd./Ms. Janet So 25 pieces of Circulon 2 Toss and Turn pan; and one set of Anolon Advanced 5-piece cookwares
Dr. Robin Chan/Asia Commercial Bank ,000 Gift voucher
Mr. Kwan Li/ TristateHoldings Ltd. 2 Polo T-shirts
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wang one Mirror Phone
Miramar Hotel Group/Mr. Peter Yu Dinner coupons (2 per tables); and 1 box of XO Sauce per table
Mr. Richard Wong Ngai Chun Golf bag
Asia CosmeticsEnterprise Co. Ltd./Ms. Sandy Law 50 coupons for facial treatment
Carleton Investment Ltd./ Mr. Peter Wang 7 Nike/Polo shirts
Mr. Francis Lo 20 message coupons
Mr. Paul Law 1 toy set
Ms. Pam Mak 12 bottles of wine
Mr. Roxy Ho 24 bottles of Nescafe
Mr. Carollio Chow 2 Model No.48-1456
Octopus Travel HK Ltd./ Ms. Shelley Ki 2 nights of 5-star hotel in Singapore
Amoy Food Ltd./ Mrs. Janet Wong 24 Amoy premium soy sauce; and24 cook books

Trip to China 2005

Trip to Nanjing, Huangshan and Hangzhou 24-29/3/2005

After 2 months of planning, the group of 11 members arrived at Nanjing on Mar 24, 2005. An official visit was made to the Jiangsu Provincial Government with valuable exchange of business views and information. The lunch reception hosted by Dr. Zhang, the vice premier, was splendid. The rest of the trip in Nanjing, to Huangshan and Hangzhou was well enjoyed by the members, despite the misty and rainy weather in Huangshan.

These photos were extracted from Bill Ling’s collection for your viewing pleasure.


Fun & Healthy Family Day on Jan 1, 2005

Fun and Healthy Family Day on 1/1/05

The badminton friendly-match against LRCBC (a private club led by Dr. Alfred Tam) was held on the first day of the year, well attended by over 60 persons from both sides. A full report is published in the 2/05 issue of our Newsletter. The buffet dinner followed was certainly enjoyed by all, as can be seen in the photos below.

Regatta – July 1st 2004

Regatta 2004

The event was well attended by about 190 members and their families, representatives from the Consulate, the Chamber, CGA, CMA and CUA including Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Burger, Mr. David McNamara, Mr. and Mrs. Patrice Cousineau. Seven boats were engaged, all loaded. The party took up the whole of the restaurant in Lamma for an enjoyable seafood lunch.

Spring Dinner 2004

Spring Dinner 2004 held on Mar 13 Sat well attended!

The Can-Do Spirit of CCA”

As a direct result of CCA’s efforts in founding the Canadian International School (“the School”) and its active participation of the affairs of the Canadian community in Hong Kong, Mr. John Higginbotham, the Commissioner for Canada in Hong Kong, accepted to become CCA’s first Patron back in 1993. That was the year under the chairmanship of Kenny Tam. Mr. Higginbotham wrote in 1992 about the Hong Kong “can-do” spirit when he talked about the creation of the School “in record time” of nine months.

The same spirit has demonstrated in our Spring Dinner held on March 13, 2004. When CCA was starting to prepare the Spring Dinner around two months ago, it was learned that the date would clash with the Ball organized by AmCham. Upon hearing of the news, we had to ponder whether it would be wise to face the challenge or to dodge by changing to another date. We did not budge. With a firm belief in the “can-do” spirit of CCA, we accepted the challenge and proceeded as planned.

At the dinner, we witnessed a turnout of over 220 members, guests and friends – notwithstanding the tough competitions from other quarters.

I wish to thank the many distinguished guests, members and friends who attended the Dinner, Mr. David McNamara of the Consulate and many others, especially the organizing Committee under the Chairmanship of Bill Ling, our Vice-chairman for Functions, and old member, Tommy Lam, our floor manager and Jimmy Mak, a new member, the assistant floor manager and other new members, Gloria and Henry Choy, Anna Shum, Shelley Ki, April Yang, Peter Yu, Jamila Chan, Benthony and Brian Lau who manned the PA system.

Last but not least, I wish to thank every one of those who attended and/or supported the Spring Dinner, in particular, CUA/Jenny Ho, President, CMA/Joseph Yau, President, CGA/Charles Lau, President, CDNIS/David Kong, Chairman of the Board, Allan McLeod, Head of School; Dave McMaster, Principal Middle School, Sunlife/Daniel Tang and Air Canada/Joe Ng, Dragonair/Titus Diu and many others who have donated prizes for the event.

Spencer Lee

Lunch with our Patron, Mr. Anthony Burger – December 11, 2002

On December 11, 2002, CCA held a lunch meeting with our Patron, Mr. Anthony Burger, Bruce Gillies, Consul for political and Economic Relations and Mr. David McNcNamera, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner at the American Club. During the meeting, member of the new Executive Committee were introduced to the Consul General and this “get-to-know” meeting went well.

The lunch, chaired by T. T. Yuen, was attended by former Chairmen, Spencer Lee, Felix Fong and Kenny Tam as well as Executive Committee members, Albert Yeung, Roger Yuen, Francis Chan, Bill Ling, Rudy Io, Ringo Chiang, Sandy Law, Ronald Kwok, Tony Lit, and Cecilia Tse.

The parties had a free exchange of views and Mr. Burger expressed continued support of the Consulate to CCA and would, in due course, arrange to hook up CCA’s newsletters with the Consulate General’s website.

We wish to thank Mr. Burger for his support and the attendance of Bruce and David and look forward to meeting representatives from the Consulate General in
whatever capacities in the near future.