Official visit to Shanghai – December 6-8, 2002

On December 6, 2002, 14 members of CCA formed a group to visit Shanghai. We were accompanied by Mr. Chan Shao Bin, a Division Chief of the Coordination Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong.

The group of 15 met early in the morning of December 6, 2002. Upon arrival in Shanghai, they were taken to the new office of Shanghai Chinese Overseas Friendship Association.

Madam Jin Min Zhu, Vice-Director of United Front Department and Vice–Chairman of Shanghai Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, hosted a lunch for our group and we were quite impressed by the presence of Madam Jin. She gave a welcome speech and outlined to us how her association works. Our former chairman, Felix Fong helped T.T. to lead the group on this occasion.

As we worked on very tight schedule, our stay was just enough for the lunch and we had to move on.

Our next stop was to visit a Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Yang Xiao Du. A senior member of CCA, Richard Wong helped T.T. to lead the group for the visit.

After a short meeting with the Vice Mayor, we moved on to visit the Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission of Shanghai Municipality and were hosted by its Vice Chairman, Mr. Liu Jin Ping.

Another visit was arranged to the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce hosted by Mr. Zhang Yapei. The driver lost his way and the group was unable to attend the Chamber at 1:30 p.m.

Fortunately, Spencer, Felix, Richard, Tony and Rudy did not join the group for the trip to Jinshan and they were able to attend the session on time.

T.T. and Tony hosted the dinner but Spencer, Richard and Rudy had to attend a private dinner hosted by Richard for his Shanghai friends in another venue.

December 8, 2002
The group took the morning easy and took the flight back to Hong Kong in the afternoon.


Roger Yuen and Jamie Sih organized the visit. Unfortunately, both could not join the visit. Thanks to Richard who organized the visit to the Vice Mayor’s Office and also to T.T. and the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government who coordinated for CCA with the various departments in Shanghai and lined up our visits there.

Bill Ling helped us with the excellent new CCA batches and souvenirs for our hosts. He also played a key role in coordinating with the travel agent and attending members. Cecilia and Bill also helped to prepare the new CCA leaflets and have them printed just in time for the visit.

Visit to Jiangmen in Sept 2002

Upon the invitation of Jiangmen Government, a CCA delegation led by Mr. T. T. Yuen, the Chairman, visited Jiangmen for its Tourist Festival from 22-24 September last year.

Thanks to the excellent hospitality of the Jiangmen Government, the delegation visited famous scenic spots and advanced factories in the city.

T. T. and Mr. Albert Yeung, the Vice-Chairman, were seated at the head table with the Jiangmen officials and other VIP guests during the Tourist Festival Opening Ceremony. T. T. was interviewed live by the Jiangmen TV and CCTV, which helped raise the profile of CCA in mainland China.

Apart from sight-seeing and other official activities, delegates enjoyed themselves with body and foot massages as well as singing and dancing on the evenings of 22 and 23 September, 2002.

Other delegates included Mr. Roger Yuen, Ms Sandy Law, Mr. Alan Poon, Mr. Cecil Tang. The delegation left Jiangmen on 24 September.