Jan 18, 2017: Dinner with the new Consul General from Canada, Mr. Jeff Nankivell.

2016 brought many changes, Hong Kong has a new Consul General from Canada and CCA has a new Board of Executive Committee Members. On Jan 18 2017, the Board hosted a dinner at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Trophy Room in honor of Consul General Mr. Jeff Nankivell and Mrs. Alison Nankivell. It was a delightful evening where we all got to know a little bit more about each other. We found out that Mr. Nankivell is a more fluent speaker of Putonghua than most of us and we promised that his Cantonese would soon match up if he joins us play badminton regulary. The Chairperson, Gloria Choy presented Mr. Nankivell an old book about old Hong Kong written and published in 1931; and for Mrs. Nankivell, a book of photos of Hong Kong in the 1950’s. They say pictures are worth more than a thousand words, after looking through this, Mrs. Nankivell will have a lot of information on Hong Kong.

Dec 5, 2016: the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong

2016 marked the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Hong Kong. To remember Canadian soldiers who defended Hong Kong and to honor the veterans, CCA held a joint event with the Chinese Military Museum Society of Vancouver at the Crown Wine Cellars in Shouson Hill, Hong Kong. We were honored to have the support and the presence of Consul General of Canada Mr. Jeff Nankivell. The event had an overwhelming attendance by the Hong Kong community as well as other foreign dignitaries such as representatives from the US Consulate General. Please surf our website to have a look at the pictures.

Trip to China 2005

Trip to Nanjing, Huangshan and Hangzhou 24-29/3/2005

After 2 months of planning, the group of 11 members arrived at Nanjing on Mar 24, 2005. An official visit was made to the Jiangsu Provincial Government with valuable exchange of business views and information. The lunch reception hosted by Dr. Zhang, the vice premier, was splendid. The rest of the trip in Nanjing, to Huangshan and Hangzhou was well enjoyed by the members, despite the misty and rainy weather in Huangshan.

These photos were extracted from Bill Ling’s collection for your viewing pleasure.


Lunch with our Patron, Mr. Anthony Burger – December 11, 2002

On December 11, 2002, CCA held a lunch meeting with our Patron, Mr. Anthony Burger, Bruce Gillies, Consul for political and Economic Relations and Mr. David McNcNamera, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner at the American Club. During the meeting, member of the new Executive Committee were introduced to the Consul General and this “get-to-know” meeting went well.

The lunch, chaired by T. T. Yuen, was attended by former Chairmen, Spencer Lee, Felix Fong and Kenny Tam as well as Executive Committee members, Albert Yeung, Roger Yuen, Francis Chan, Bill Ling, Rudy Io, Ringo Chiang, Sandy Law, Ronald Kwok, Tony Lit, and Cecilia Tse.

The parties had a free exchange of views and Mr. Burger expressed continued support of the Consulate to CCA and would, in due course, arrange to hook up CCA’s newsletters with the Consulate General’s website.

We wish to thank Mr. Burger for his support and the attendance of Bruce and David and look forward to meeting representatives from the Consulate General in
whatever capacities in the near future.


Dinner gathering with representatives from the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in

CCA made a courtesy call with the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Hong Kong by organizing a dinner with four of its representatives on October 28, 2002 at the American Club. The event was attended by 3 Division Chiefs of its Coordination Department, namely, Mr. Gao Wei Dong, Mr. Chan Shao Bin, Madam Yeung Kim Ling and another representative, Mr. Shi Xin.

The dinner was also a prelude to the subsequent Shanghai visit from December 6-8, 2002.

It was attended by Spencer Lee and Felix Fong, former Chairmen of CCA, and chaired by T.T. Yuen. Other attending members included Bill Ling, Rudy Io, Tony Lit, Cecilia Ko, Ronald Kwok, Jamie Sih, Cecilia Tse, Sandy Law, Roger Yuen and Francis Chan.

The guests gave a general outline of the works of the

Liaison Office and the attending CCA members came away with a better understanding of its functions.

The dinner also helps to kick off the subsequent visit to Shanghai. Thanks to the Liaison Office, especially, Mr. Chan Sheo Bin who coordinated with various departments/ offices in Shanghai for our visit to Shanghai.