Some time ago I promised myself to try and write the CDNIS story. Now I have done it. And I offer it for you to read.

What I have written will, I hope, make CDNIS’ past more understandable to all those who want to learn and understand a little more about CDNIS and the people who involved in its first decade – in case they should wish to know how we carried on – in our time.

In weaving the tapestry, I have told the story, some of which I knew and experienced; others I have relied on the materials supplied to me by those who actually participated in the events or uncovered by me in the belief that these give a true picture of what happened at the time, and, above all, some of the incredible accomplishments which CDNIS has achieved within a span of twelve years.

I have paraphrased some of the materials provided to me. Hopefully, those changes have not altered in any way the sense or substance of those materials.

The story of CDNIS is about courage and the “can-do” spirit of the Hong Kong people and the strength that can be generated when East meets West and works together.

Throughout the life of CDNIS, senior officials from Hong Kong government and the Canadian diplomats stationed in Hong Kong have demonstrated their keen support to CDNIS and played a key role– many obstacles would never have been overcome by, and doors opened to, CDNIS, without all the “behind-the-scene” assistance from these individuals and we are very thankful to them.

In its preparation, I have benefited from much assistance. I am particularly grateful to Maria Mui, John Crawford, Li Ho-Kin, Chisolm Lyons, Eric Kong, Neil Johnston, Allan and Mary McLeod, Casandra Ip, Caroline Lai and many others who provided me important materials to work on.

Spencer Lee
Founding Member and Governor