Lunch with our Patron, Mr. Anthony Burger – December 11, 2002

On December 11, 2002, CCA held a lunch meeting with our Patron, Mr. Anthony Burger, Bruce Gillies, Consul for political and Economic Relations and Mr. David McNcNamera, Consul and Senior Trade Commissioner at the American Club. During the meeting, member of the new Executive Committee were introduced to the Consul General and this “get-to-know” meeting went well.

The lunch, chaired by T. T. Yuen, was attended by former Chairmen, Spencer Lee, Felix Fong and Kenny Tam as well as Executive Committee members, Albert Yeung, Roger Yuen, Francis Chan, Bill Ling, Rudy Io, Ringo Chiang, Sandy Law, Ronald Kwok, Tony Lit, and Cecilia Tse.

The parties had a free exchange of views and Mr. Burger expressed continued support of the Consulate to CCA and would, in due course, arrange to hook up CCA’s newsletters with the Consulate General’s website.

We wish to thank Mr. Burger for his support and the attendance of Bruce and David and look forward to meeting representatives from the Consulate General in
whatever capacities in the near future.


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