Spring Dinner 2004

Spring Dinner 2004 held on Mar 13 Sat well attended!

The Can-Do Spirit of CCA”

As a direct result of CCA’s efforts in founding the Canadian International School (“the School”) and its active participation of the affairs of the Canadian community in Hong Kong, Mr. John Higginbotham, the Commissioner for Canada in Hong Kong, accepted to become CCA’s first Patron back in 1993. That was the year under the chairmanship of Kenny Tam. Mr. Higginbotham wrote in 1992 about the Hong Kong “can-do” spirit when he talked about the creation of the School “in record time” of nine months.

The same spirit has demonstrated in our Spring Dinner held on March 13, 2004. When CCA was starting to prepare the Spring Dinner around two months ago, it was learned that the date would clash with the Ball organized by AmCham. Upon hearing of the news, we had to ponder whether it would be wise to face the challenge or to dodge by changing to another date. We did not budge. With a firm belief in the “can-do” spirit of CCA, we accepted the challenge and proceeded as planned.

At the dinner, we witnessed a turnout of over 220 members, guests and friends – notwithstanding the tough competitions from other quarters.

I wish to thank the many distinguished guests, members and friends who attended the Dinner, Mr. David McNamara of the Consulate and many others, especially the organizing Committee under the Chairmanship of Bill Ling, our Vice-chairman for Functions, and old member, Tommy Lam, our floor manager and Jimmy Mak, a new member, the assistant floor manager and other new members, Gloria and Henry Choy, Anna Shum, Shelley Ki, April Yang, Peter Yu, Jamila Chan, Benthony and Brian Lau who manned the PA system.

Last but not least, I wish to thank every one of those who attended and/or supported the Spring Dinner, in particular, CUA/Jenny Ho, President, CMA/Joseph Yau, President, CGA/Charles Lau, President, CDNIS/David Kong, Chairman of the Board, Allan McLeod, Head of School; Dave McMaster, Principal Middle School, Sunlife/Daniel Tang and Air Canada/Joe Ng, Dragonair/Titus Diu and many others who have donated prizes for the event.

Spencer Lee

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