Pui Choi – December 12, 2004

Pun Choi is a traditional way for residents in New Territories to put all the goodies in one basket and feast from it. Instead of doing it course by course in the traditional Chinese way, it is a rather efficient way of Chinese feasting.

For charity and as a repeat of last year’s feat at the old Kai Tak Airport, one of our executives, Simon Wong, is a key organizer of the event. The feat will be repeated this year at a different, but also special, site – the Tamar.

It is expected that the feast will host around 800 tables with 10,000 attendees.

If you are interested in trying the local way of feasting, this will be a new experience.

CCA has reserved two tables and all seats for the event have been sold out. You are cordially invited to join the feast and share the fun with other members of CCA. There are very limited seats available so join early.
Particulars of the event are as follows :

Pun Choi Mega Feast (with Show)

Date : December 12, 2004
Place : Tamar Site
Time : 4:00 p.m.with Show
Charge : HK0.00 per head

In order to reserve your seat, kindly effect payment in the sum of HK0 per head to our bank account particularized below and fax your pay-in slip at fax no.25740113 to the attention of Sandra Chan:

Account name : Chinese Canadian Association (HK) Ltd.
Account no. : 518-200282-001
Bank : The Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.

For any further information, please call Sandra at 2574-0222.

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