OctopusTravel.com Hong Kong Limited

One of our executives, Shelley Ki, works for OctopusTravel.com Hong Kong Limited. Through Shelley, we have made arrangement with OctopusTravel.com to allow members to gain access to its website to book over 20,000 hotels worldwide & 2,000 sightseeing tours at an additional 10% discount. Please see its monthly promotion from the CCA website.

If you need assistance on intranet access, you may contact our Website Master, Paul Chong, at 852-97886204 or email to paulchong@ccahk.org. For more information regarding the online booking function, please contact Shelley Ki at 2865-3045 or shelley.ki@octopustravel.com

A new area, “Members’ Benefit”, has been set up in our website (www.ccahk.org) since Nov 1, 2004. This is for members of our Association to offer privileged products and/or services to other members. To ensure exclusivity, it is accessible ONLY if you log in with valid accounts and passwords. For those who have forgotten their account names and/or passwords, drop a line to our web master at paulchong@southa.com.

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