Health supplements – Cordyceps series, Polysaccharides Liver Enrich & Perilla Seed Oil

Herbs N Senses Health Products Limited, a subsidiary of GreaterChina Technology Group Limited (Stock code 8032) was founded in 2001 by producing a range of health supplements with the usage of Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural herbs.
As research and development play a major role in the exploration of TCM, our company utilizes its advanced biotechnology and renowned academic establishments in the Chinese medicinal field to ensure the consistent efficacy of its products and to maintain the stability of the products’ chemical ingredients. Our products are of higher quality standard than most traditional Chinese medicine and in order to maintain its international standards, we manufacture under the USA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and TGA, Australia.
To all CCA members, we are now offering 30% discount for the above health supplements with FREE delivery service for any purchase over HKD1,000.
Interested parties, please call 2523 3098 or visit our website www.herbsnsenses.comfor further information.

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