4.1 No.7 East Hospital Road (“the Causeway Bay Campus”)

CDNIS started its home at the Causeway Bay Campus in July 1991 as a tenant of the Shing Kwong Church of Christ in China (“the Church”).

The building was previously occupied by Chinese International School and was the only suitable place available to CDNIS at the time. After tough negotiation, a five-year lease was entered into between CDNIS and the Church and in order to relieve the initial financial burden to CDNIS, the rent demanded by the Church was averaged out in 5 years and increased by the sum of HK,000.00 per year. 

The building had 14 rooms of which 11 were used for regular classes; one was used as office, one for music and Chinese Studies and the remaining one for instructional purposes. There were several storage areas behind the stage in the Hall on the ground level, a caretaker’s room, and a small lunchroom for teachers on the 3rd floor. 

In this building, the corridors were open to the elements and that warm clothing and rainwear were as common as pencils and paper. 

Through the connection of Richard Wong, maintenance works were done at substantially reduced prices, which included repainting the premises and rewiring of the electrical system.

The right to use two additional teaching spaces on the ground level of the adjacent church were acquired in the summer of 1993 to accommodate growth. 

As CDNIS continued to grow, its Premises Committee, under the leadership of John Crawford, began in 1993 the exercise to seek future bridging premises until completion of its permanent campus. Two primary target sites, namely, the old British Military Hospital on Borrett Road and the one at 26 Kennedy Road were identified and CDNIS was able to secure both sites as bridging campuses. 

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