4.2 The old British Military Hospital at Borrett Road (“the Borrett Road Campus”)

This was previously occupied by South Island School and upon its vacating the campus, CDNIS took possession of it on August 10, 1994 for occupation by Grades 4 to 8 classes.

The campus was painted and a small kitchen was constructed to serve lunch on site for the students. Neil Johnston based his office in this campus and Alan Dick took over Neil’s old office in the Causeway Bay Campus. 

The Borrett Road Campus provided a computer laboratory, library, assembly hall, visual arts room, 8 classrooms plus offices and areas for small group instruction. There was an outdoor playground at the back of the building that CDNIS equipped for basketball and other games. The Bowen Trail was used by students from time to time for cross-country training. Students from the Causeway Bay Campus were transported to the Borrett Road Campus for weekly computer classes and the librarian, Chinese and French language teachers moved between the two campuses, as needed. 

The Borrett Road building was large and was shared by about 9 other community groups, including two pre-school programs, a theatre company, the Hong Kong Scouts, an unwed mother’s support group, etc. 

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