Newsletter – 28/02/2017

After much contemplation, our new website is finally in place, thanks to Vice Chairpersons/Webmasters Kenny Cheng, TM Cheung and their team.Please do go online  to have a look and stay connected with our latest news. In order for us to improve, we value your opinion and suggestions and look forward to having your comments.

Since taking office, many members have asked us about our Monday lunches, which had served as great opportunities for our members to have regular get-togethers. However, for those who do not work in the Central area, it may have been rather inconvenient. We are in the process of putting together another idea, a regular monthly or bimonthly Saturday event of dinner and games such playing Mahjong, Bridge, Big 2, etc. Please reply to to let us know if you would be interested so we may contact you.

Updating on our 30th Anniversary celebration, it has been brought to our attention that Sept 30 falls on a long holiday weekend with Oct 1 and Mid-Autumn Festival holiday following very closely together. Anticipating that many people might be out of town, the date has now been changed to Saturday, Sept 16, 2017 so no one will have to miss out on this memorable occasion. Please see enclosed our save the date notice. We do look forward to seeing all of you on our birthday.


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