Chairperson’s Message

In 1987 when CCA was first founded, many questioned the necessity of a Chinese Canadian Association since there were already in existence Canadian organizations such as the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Graduates Association. However, at that time many returnees from Canada had limited business or academic affiliations. There was a proposition to bridge this gap, reacquainting these people back to the local community. CCA was then founded which provided a channel to bind these people together as they share a common heritage, Canadian background and credentials.

Looking back at the short history of CCA, we have fulfilled objectives we have set out. One major accomplishment that we always pride ourselves with is the founding of the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. CCA was instrumental in the fund raising and in the founding of the school back in 1991. CdnIs started out with 81 students, now its enrollment reaches more than 1,800 students representing and reaching out to over 40 nationalities. Many of our founding members and past Chairpersons have played pivotal roles in the school’s start up, particularly our immediate past Chairman Mr. Spencer Lee who is one of the key founding persons.Throughout the history of CCA and of the school, Spencer has been relentless in his effort in contributing to the welfare of the school, the students, and to the Canadian community in Hong Kong, we are indeed indebted to him.

As our new Board of Executive Committee Members take office, we are committed to honor and carry out what was set forth as our objectives by our founding members in 1987. We are committed to keeping CCA active and robust and we ask that you all give us your support.

Gloria Choy
Jan 2017