ExCo and Past Chairpersons

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The Board of Executive Committee Members – 2016-2018

1) Chairperson: Gloria Choy
2) Vice Chairpersons, External Affairs: Jessica Lee, Henry Choy
3) Vice Chairpersons, China Affairs: Horatio Wou
4) Vice Chairpersons, Events/Functions: Synda Tse, Judy Lau, Jane Li
5) Vice Chairpersons, Fund Raising/Membership: Alex Tam, Sean Lam, Joey Chu
6) Vice Chairpersons, Sports and Recreations: Vitus Leung, Bonco Tsui
7) Vice Chairpersons, IT/Webmaster: TM Cheung, Kenny Cheng
8) Honorary Secretaries: Netty Fung, Eddie Cheung
9) Honorary Treasurers: Funde Lin, Casey Lee
10) Honorary Legal Advisor: Jonathan Lee
11) Immediate Past Chairperson: Spencer Lee

Past Chairpersons

1987~1988 – Albert Cheng
1988~1989 – Spencer Lee
1989~1991 – Felix Fong
1991~1992 – Kwan Li
1992~1995 – Kenny Tam
1995~1997 – Tony Tsoi
1997~1998 – Dennis Chan
1998~2000 – Olivia Lee
2000~2002 – Laurent Lam
2002~2003 – T.T. Yuen
2003~2016 – Spencer Lee